Who We are

As a high-tech and innovative manufacturer of EPE foam mattress, MOONDA GHANA is specialized in the designing, researching, manufacturing and distribution of high quality mattresses and mats.
As a professional manufacturer of environmental friendly and chemical free mattresses and mats, MOONDA GHANA operate in an eco-friendly and safety-oriented environment with the state of the art equipment and machinery located in the heart of Afienya, Terna.
With our advanced technologies and highly skilled staff, we produce and distributes all kinds of mattresses and mats from King size to Student size and high density mattresses with quality, affordability and comfortability being our hallmark. At MOONDA we prioritize your comfort and wellbeing so every single product is produced with you our cherished customers at heart.
With MOONDA comfortability, quality and healthiness is assured. So join us let’s make your sleep and home a happier and memorable one because at MOONDA “YOUR COMFORT IS OUR PRIORITY”

Why Choose Us?

Choose Moonda EPE Foam for Superior Protection and Versatile Solutions.


Moonda EPE Foam boasts remarkable durability, ensuring that it remains resilient and reliable even in the face of rigorous use and demanding conditions.


Experience unparalleled comfort with Moonda EPE Foam, as its carefully engineered design provides a soft and supportive surface.

High Desnsity

Moonda EPE Foam's high density composition establishes a robust foundation, granting it the strength and load-bearing capacity.

Our Team Members

Meet the experts that make this possible

John Muniz
Project Engineer
Alea Brooks
Graphics Designer
Anders Glick
Software Developer
Richard Tice
Web Developer

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